Pre natal massage is a fantastic way to realign the spine, and relieve tired aching muscles, and lower back pain.

Enjoy a pregancy massage with a specialised pre natal aromatherapist, using The Belly Bag allowing you to enjoy your massage from head to toe, lying on your tummy.

Pregnancy is a time of great change to mind, body and spirit.

The body transforms with the creation of new life and in preparation for delivery. Aches and discomfort during pregnancy are often side effects experienced as the body makes it’s preparation for birth.

Enlargement of the abdomen alters the centre of gravity . The body compensates for this change in balance, increasing pressure on the neck and lower back. A rush of the hormone Progesterone softens the tendons and ligaments and the usually stiff joints of the pelvis begin to loosen up to allow for an easier passage for the baby to deliver. This puts stress on the lower back muscles causing backache.

The Belly Bag allows the spine to rest in a neutral position, easing neck and lower back pain.

In the case of posterior and breech baby positions, resting with the abdomen facing downwards in the Belly Bag can help to turn the baby to optimal position for labour and birth.

The enlarged belly makes it difficult to find a comfortable resting position. The Belly Bag contours to the shape of the individual, supporting the body as required for maximum comfort.

The Belly Bag is a unique bean bag, specifically designed for relaxation during pregnancy.