ELES™ Mineral Makeup allows skin to “breathe” freely while shielding against age aggressors. Every product is free of heavy fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. The skin-safe forELES-Liquid-Powder-Mineral-Foundationmulas contain no chemical ‘nasties’ or potential irritants, such as fragrance, talc, oil and dyes. It is the perfect choice following cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser treatments, waxing, or for individuals who suffer from acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions.

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15 $64.50

This is the fluid version of mineral-powder foundation. This innovative liquid formula, fortified with our exclusive Multi-Mineral Complex, glides on velvety smooth…sets to a soft-powder finish. ELES Liquid  Powder Mineral Foundation provides the sunscreen and anti-oxidant protection that ultrasensitive skin needs. Micro diffusers keep skin looking flawless. It is hypoallergenic and oil-free.

Tinted Moisturizer – Mineral Sheer Tint SPF 20 $64.50

ELES Mineral Sheer Tint has been clinically engineered to multi-task as a foundation, sunscreen and anti-oxidant lotioEles Mineral-Sheer-Tintn. This ultra-sheer creme features an extra boost – our Multi-Mineral Complex of copper, gold, sodium, cobalt and other vital elements. Potent anti-oxidants Ginkgo-Biloba, Ginseng and Vitamins A, C, E, protect against free-radical damage while moisturising skin. ELES Mineral Sheer Tint glides on effortlessly to create a water-resistant veil of natural-looking coverage.